Wednesday, November 7, 2012

DIY Yogurt Covered Berries

This is a healthy, quick snack that is very simple and fast DIY. You'll need:

* Berries (I used raspberries but any small berry will do)
* Honey Greek yogurt
* Tooth pick
* Baking sheet

Wash berries and pat them dry. 

Insert toothpick into the berry, then dip into greek yogurt. Make sure you mix the yogurt well first. (not trying to advertise Oikos here)

 Put the berries on a cookie sheet, then into the freezer. Transfer into a freezer bag or container after about 1 hour.

My kids love these treats and are constantly reaching in to get more. I have to say that although I love raspberries, they are almost too big. Once the berry is frozen, it's a bit hard to eat especially for the kids so I recommend blueberries or cut up bigger berries.


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