Saturday, October 13, 2012

Greetings from Finland!

It is true! I was able to steal away and just got back a little over a week ago. It was glorious! Spending time with my family is always fun plus eating delicious food, seeing gorgeous sites, relaxing, what else could a girl want?! Here are some of the many pics I took while there.

 I love these Mountain Ash trees. They are so simple yet beautiful. 

 I also love Finnish design. I sneaked this picture inside a Pentik store. Love everything about it!

 Same store but from outside. I love the lanterns as well as the chair and the bookshelf!

 That tall lantern kept calling my name but I knew there was no way to get it home with me. It's almost half as tall as I am!

 I LOVE these reindeer! I have one but plan on getting one in every size. Honey, clear out your books off the bookshelf!

 This is actually a below average pastry counter as far as variety goes but it'll give you an idea of what I got to eat while there and what I now have to try to work off :o(

 This was a cafe window but I loved the old window frame with the candles and the decor around it. So tastefully done. (never mind me in the reflection)

 This is what Finnish people know as kisses. They are delish! Hollow chocolate domes are filled with
fluffy strawberry, vanilla, banana or coffee creme. YUM!

The most beautiful heather I've ever seen. And that includes Heather ex-McCartney ;o)

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