Friday, November 23, 2012

DIY Glittered acorns and acorn necklaces

If you are in the mood for some REALLY last minute Thanksgiving/fall decor, try glittered acorns. I was very excited to find these jumbo size acorns outside my church and the kids were so excited to scoop them up. We glittered most of the tops and some of the tips. I like the tops better but that's just me.

I used hot glue to glue the "hats" on and then the kids coated them with glue and glitter. Note to self: next time glitter over a paper plate so you can save the glitter that falls off. Also, discard acorns that are cracked; the crack will just keep expanding and doesn't look good anyway.

We also made these glittered acorn necklaces. You will need to seal the glitter, because otherwise it will rub off on clothing. Same principle as above, just glued ribbon under the hat so we can hang these beauties around our necks.

We had fun making our creations and the best part was that I had everything at home so this craft cost us $0! If you don't have the supplies, they will run you probably under $5.00.

Happy late Thanksgiving!

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