Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas: Some of my favorite ornaments

Our tree is finally up! It stood like this for about a week and a half: 

Why? Because it is prelit and some of the light strands had burned out. 
The hub was not very happy because the tree is only a couple of years
old. Not only that but the replacement lights were quite pricy. According
to him, the lights were hard to replace so beware if this happens to you!

The final product! I love the glow of Christmas
lights, it's so... well Christmassy!

I took pictures of some of my most favorite ornaments.

This humble little star made of straw is from home. I actually stole it off
of my mother's tree with her blessing of course. This ornament is one of 
the first ones to be hung on our tree every year. And of course it gets
the best placement. Location location location :o)

This is an ornament my daughter selected last year. I think it's just
beautiful just like her!

This little Santa was given to me when I was just a little baby.
(Yes, eons ago!)It used to hang but has broken so many times 
that we were unable to fix it. I set it on a tree branch and there 
he watches us and keeps track of who's naughty and nice.

This beauty is very old and from my husband's grandmother. We hang it on our tree
very carefully away from little hands that may want to grab it.

Another beauty from my childhood given to me by my grandmother
when I was 7 or so.

By the way, I felt so guilty not cute-ifying my goodie bags that I ran
to Walmart to buy some ribbon. This was the result:

Only 10 days until Christmas, are you ready?

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