Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas: Goodies for friends

I made these simple goodie bags for some of our friends today.

 You will need: goodie bags, sugar cookies in the shape of 
snowflakes, snowflake poem, cardstock, decorative
 ties or ribbon, and snowflake ornaments.

 I actually made 2 different kinds of snowflake cookies, one
bigger and the other smaller, but forgot to take pictures
pre packaging :o(

This is the poem I printed on cardstock. 
You can get it HERE.

Use your favorite sugar cookie recipe and glaze or frost the cookies. I used powdered sugar glaze from here. Make sure you let it dry well before packaging!

It's a super simple Christmas treat and can look even nicer than what I made it to look like by using ribbon, cute gift tags etc. Hope you enjoy!

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