Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas: Crystal Wreath

My daughter made this sandwich bag craft at school and it is so pretty I had to post instructions. Since I didn't make this craft myself, I don't have step by step pictures. Sorry :o(

You will need
150 count fold top sandwich bags
Metal wire hanger
Wire cutters
Hot glue & gun

Use the wire cutters to cut the hanger at the bottom center and then wrap the ends around each other to form a circle. Make sure the hook stays on the top center so you can use it to hang your wreath.

Fold a sandwich bag in half lengthwise and tie to the hanger. Keep repeating and pushing the bags together until the wreath is full.

Add a bow and other decorations like balls and tinsel using the hot glue.

I think it's so very cute! You could make this for any season by using different decor. Have fun!

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