Saturday, December 10, 2011

Waterless snow globes

I've wanted to make one for a couple of years now but never got around to it until now. You've seen these around I'm sure especially if you like to shop at Anthropologie. They are so easy to make I don't recommend buying them, sorry Anthro!

You will need:
A glass jar
Fake snow
Decor to put inside
Hot glue
Ribbon, optional
Spray paint, optional

First of all, I used regular glass peanut butter jars. My lids are gold color so I left them as is, but you can spray paint yours with glittery paint for example.

 I cut out 2 cardboard circles and glued them to the lid.
You have to leave space between the circles and the threads 
so the lid will screw on the jar. I wish I would have used 3
circles to raise the decor more. Oh well, live and learn!

 Arrange and hot glue the decorations on. I got mine at Hobby Lobby.
Add some snow into the jar. Don't go overboard, a teeny bit is quite
enough. Screw the lid on carefully and turn upside down. I had to 
rearrange the snow but that's quite all right :o) By the way,
I didn't glue my lids on.

 And this is what they look like. At this point you could add a
ribbon around the bottom of the jar/on the lid but that's optional
especially if you glitter paint your lids. 

 A close up of the Santa globe.

And a close up of the reindeer one. I think I will add a little bit
more snow. The cost? I spent $6 on the decor and snow without
any coupons (which I had at home. Grrrrr!) 
Anthro globes: $18 - 38.00 depending on the size.
Definitely worth making my own!

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