Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween: Batty and Betty

Here is another idea for no-carve pumpkins.

You will need:
2 pumpkins
Decorative paper
White paper
Tooth picks
Metallic Color Sharp pens by Megabrands (or similar) OR
Craft paint in white, black and red
1-2 Cotton balls
Black spray paint

1. Spray paint the pumpkins black. Let dry.

2. Make a pattern for the wings on white paper, then trace on the decorative paper. If the decorative paper is very thin, I would use 2 layers. As you can see from the picture above, the end of the bat wings that is going to rest against the pumpkin has to be straight or flat just like in the picture.
Tape 2 toothpicks on the underside of the wing and insert into the pumpkin. Make sure the wings line up! If they are closer to the top of the pumpkin, it looks like your bat is about to take off; if you put them lower down, it looks like Batty's just stretching his wings.

3. Paint the eyes OR cut ovals out of white paper and use a black sharpie to color in a smaller circle. Glue. On Betty, I used a gold Metallic Color Sharp pen to draw the eyelashes but those of course are optional.

4. Use craft paint to paint the mouth. Because I'm not very good with paint, I tried using a sharpie but it didn't stand out so I used my Metallic color pens. Success!

5. Use foam for teeth (optional) or just draw them in. Or not.

6. Fluff up a cotton ball and glue on top of Batty. You could spray paint it black but I chose to keep mine white because I really liked the contrast.

Your pumpkins are done! Here are close ups of both, Batty and Betty.

Something weird happened when I was spray painting the pumpkins. See for yourself what I saw on the poster board I used for protection after I was done:

I didn't even notice it until the next day! SPOOKY!!!

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