Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pink Barbie birthday party

Yesterday was THE day: my daughter's 7th birthday party! According to her, it was the "best birthday ever!" Originally she wanted to go to a girls' salon & spa called Sweet and Sassy but I talked her out of it saying that we could do all that at home. This is what we did.

My daughter loves pink and Barbies so I combined the 2. As you can see from the (crappy) picture, the table cloth was pink with white milk glass serving pieces. I served pink candies: regular marshmallows, marshmallow strawberries with chocolate inside, and jelly beans. I also served fruit pizza, 2 kinds of chips & dip, and different types of crackers. For drink we had pink lemonade and water.

I bought these beautiful hydrangeas and set them elevated (on top of 2 phone books) on the table. My daughter thought it was pretty but wondered where the Barbie decorations were. I only used 1: a Barbie birthday banner (in the 1st picture). As soon as I pulled out the Barbie plates and napkins, she was happy.

I found these cute round fluffy things, and hung 3 of them from the ceiling above the food table. Humango hit with adults and kids! You can either make them or go to Party City to buy (abt $5.00 for 3). I opted to buy because I was running out of time.

When the girls first came in, my niece Sidney and I did their hair and nails, and gave them glitter stars and/or hearts on their cheek or arm. They also got Barbie tattoos, washable kind of course :)

Then the children got to strut their stuff on the runway my husband and I created with pink plastic table cloths. We had a silver foil curtain covering the doorway and tinsel star garland lining the runway, both details that are hard to see in the picture.

My sister-in-law was the MC and announced each girl as they walked through the door. We had Barbie music playing in the background and a bubble machine blowing to make the experience more fun. The girls loved it!

Last but not least we did cake and presents. My amazing friend Laura created the Barbie cake in the picture. It was pink on the inside and outside, and any girly girl would have been proud to call it hers. (Of course I forgot to take a really good picture of it so this is the best I have. sigh! Just like me!)

We had lots of fun, and as I mentioned earlier, my daughter said it was "the best birthday ever!" I am really happy to hear that! Now, what will be do for my little one who's in line next?!

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