Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chocolate covered Oreo sucker flop

A while back I posted a link to chocolate covered oreo suckers. They looked beautiful and so easy to make so I thought I could make them. WRONG!!! They were absolutely horrible to make, nothing went right!! The list of things that went wrong is long:

1. My cage got rattled because almost all of the Oreos in the first package were broken. I tried to salvage what I could but it wasn't much. Grrr!

2. The cheap Walmart brand double stuffed cookies weren't really double stuffed so I couldn't get the top lid to attach properly after putting in the lollipop stick. Grrr!

3. The cookie separated from the lollipop stick as soon as I dipped them in chocolate. Grrr!

4. The broken Oreos shed most of their broken pieces into the chocolate dip. Grrr!

5. Decided to make the chocolate a bit thinner, thought it might help with things staying together. WRONG!!!! Awful awful coverage! ARRGGHHHHH!!!!! (Imagine here popsickle sticks flying. I almost grabbed the darn cookies and threw them in the trash with the sticks!)

I'm posting a picture but please know that I'm not proud of what I see. I thought I was more talented than that but apparently I've overrated myself. So perhaps next time I'll remember this lesson and NOT BUY THE CHEAP STUFF (or have my friend Laura make these, then pretend that I did ;o). You get what you pay for, although in my defense I thought an Oreo is an Oreo. Yea, right!

Good luck to all who decide to try this miserable recipe!

PS. Please don't tell my friend Laura, who is uber talented in all things baking & cooking!! She's coming to the birthday party so I may just have to hide these hideous things behind the chips or maybe stick them in the kids' mouths as soon as they arrive at the party.

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