Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kid's table

I decided to freshen up a little red table that has sat in the corner of my daughter's room holding multiple plastic bins full of Barbies and the stuff that goes with them. I liked the red color but it didn't really go with anything in my daughter's room so I decided to give it a coat of white paint.

I used a can of spray paint instead of paint & a brush. I hear you gasping but hear me out: these new spray paints aren't the paints of old, they do much more and can sometimes look even better than surfaces painted with a brush. I say sometimes because you do have to follow the instructions on the can and know what you're doing.

The main reason for going with spray paint was that his little table had so many details I thought it would be simpler to spray. I chose lacquer because it's glossier than regular spray paint. Here is a before:

You can see the unpainted new top my husband had to install. The table was very simple to spray paint although I did have to Kilz the top. It was absorbing way too much paint and not giving the lacquer look until I applied the Kilz. Here is the result:

Although I liked the red, I really like the white too. One thing I have to do still is to protect the top so the paint won't chip off as the kids have their tea parties etc. Pretty cute, don't you think?

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  1. I just noticed the table is crooked. It's because my yard has a slight slope.


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