Sunday, May 29, 2011

Clean - Dirty magnet

I've been thinking about making a dishwasher magnet for years and finally found inspiration to get it done.

You'll need:
Decorative paper
Alphabet stickers
Acrylic sealer (optional, if you want to protect the magnet from water drips etc)

*Trace the CD on the paper(s). Cut and glue.
*Cut ribbon to length and glue in place.
*Place the "clean" and "dirty" words where you wish on the face of the magnet. I chose cuter font for the word "dirty" because let's face it, it'll be the word we'll be looking at more than "clean".
*Glue the magnet in place.
* Spray with acrylic sealer if you choose to.

It took me about 15 min per CD to make these. The cost was around $6 because the alphabet stickers aren't cheap.

Here is the result:

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