Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bib necklace

I finally learned how to make these bib necklaces so of course I had to craft some for me and my family. I'd say they're fast to make and not very hard. You'll need:

5 or more fabric roses
2x15" of Ribbon
Hot glue
Thread & needle (optional)

1. Arrange the roses close to each other (no spaces in between) on the felt in the pattern that you're going to glue them. Trace with the pen and cut.
Tip 1: when you remove the roses, keep them in the same order so when you glue, you know which one goes where and which way.

2. Glue or sew the ribbon on opposite ends of the felt. It will be glued/sewed on the same side as the roses. I sewed mine just so it doesn't come apart but you may decide to glue and that's just fine.

3. Hot glue the roses on the felt and trim any felt that may be showing.

You are done!

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