Saturday, January 15, 2011

Golden goodness

Are you suffering from a cough? Wait, I sound like a cheap commercial! Let's start over... A week ago I came down with a "couldn't hold back constant" cough. I had just read a study by...well, I forgot who but in it the researchers came to a conclusion that honey is 40% more effective as the OTC cough medicines. That's HUGE!

I decided to try it and much to my surprise my cough went away. Each time I felt it return, I'd take some honey sprinkled with cinnamon on a piece of bread. That's the only way I can handle honey because I don't like the sickly sweet taste of it.

The members of my family who refused this cure are still coughing but I was done after the first day. I'm really pleased! I used raw local honey and it did the trick for me. The study I read recommended 1 teaspoon for kids and a tablespoon for adults. You can eat it plain, on a piece of bread or in a cup of tea. Please remember: HONEY SHOULD NOT BE GIVEN TO INFANTS YOUNGER THAN 12 MONTHS!

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