Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas star

Ok, here it is finally, my special craft that I've been waiting to make for a month now.

You will need:
Star form from Maine Wreath Co or make one from plywood, bamboo garden stakes etc
1 strand of rope lights
Zip ties
2" Binder ring (optional)
Regular Christmas lights (optional)

My wreath form is 24" but you could make it any size you want. Attach the rope light around the star form using zip ties. You'll have to go around the star more than once but don't worry, it'll look pretty. Cut the ends of the ties. Your star is now ready to be hang outside. Didn't I tell you this was going to be easy?

If you want to make a shooting star, attach a few strands of regular Christmas lights as tails. Attach the binder ring to the bottom of the star and loop the lights through it. You can let the tail down on the ground, or if you want it to swoop, wrap it around a plant or something tall you have in your yard.

As soon as I can hang mine outside, I'll snap another picture of it and post it but until then, have fun!

PS. If you want to see my original inspiration, go here.

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