Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Glass Block

Another quick Halloween decoration before the month is over.

You will need:
a glass block (from craft store or Home Depot)
Vinyl picture
Decorative paper (optional)
Mod Podge (if using decorative paper)
Foam brush (if using decorative paper)
Lights (optional but recommended)
Black craft paint (if using decorative paper)
Toothbrush (if using decorative paper)
Paper/foam plate (if using decorative paper)

Start out by cleaning your class block with glass cleaner. Cut the decorative paper to the size that you want; I wanted mine to cover almost the whole block so I left about 1/4" free on the sides.

Spread Mod Podge on the entire surface of the block. Not a thick coat but not too thin either, just right :) Lay the decorative paper on top, smooth out and then cover with a thin coat of Mod Podge. Make sure you cover the edges of the paper well. Let dry.

Decide if you want the hole of the glass block on the bottom or side. Remove the paper from the underside of the vinyl picture and place on the glass block. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THAT THE HOLE IS IN THE RIGHT PLACE!! Smooth out and rub well with the burnisher. Start peeling or rolling the top paper off. The closer you keep it to the picture, the better it comes off. Be patient and careful.

Squeeze a tiny amount of black paint on a paper plate and mix with a tiny bit of water. Dip toothbrush in paint and move your thumb up and down on the bristles to accent your picture. Let dry.

Next you can stuff the lights through the hole and tie the ribbon around your block. You are done!

If you don't want to use the decorative paper, skip the Mod Podge step and put the vinyl image directly on the glass block. Stuff the lights in and tie a ribbon around. You are done!

If you need to find a person with a vinyl cutter, contact me. My friend Kimber does that.


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