Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bat hair clip

I am really getting into the hair accessories because I think they are a fun and fast craft. If you are looking for some last minute Halloween scare for hair (ha ha, it rhymes), try these clips on for a size.

You'll need:
Black ribbon (either wired or not. Mine has a fine wire in it)
Black (or any other color) fine glitter
1 - 2 Metal hair clips
3 mm googly eyes

I used 9" of black ribbon per clip. Start by tying your ribbon in a simple knot. Try to get the knot pretty much in the middle of the ribbon. The smoother side of the knot should face up. Put some glue on the bottom of the knot and insert the hair clip through the glue, inside the knot and out the other end. You may have to clip the knot a little in the middle if you can't find an exit point, or if the knot is too fat for the clip to close.

Ok, so the ribbon is glued to the clip. Flare out the ribbon and cut the ends in an angle. Next spread a skinny continuous bead of glue at the edge and sprinkle with glitter. Bling! Pour the excess back into the container; why waste, right?!

Last but not least, glue the googly eyes in place and voila, you have something like this:

Happy Halloween friends!

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