Friday, August 13, 2010

Belly Fat Cure -- Day 5

I have a problem: I've spent all of my 6 carbs already and haven't even had dinner yet! How did that happen?? Well, I decided not to follow the menu for today because I wanted oatmeal for breakfast; oatmeal has 2 servings of carbs. Then I decided to sprinkle 1/2 c of raspberries on top, thus adding another serving of carbs. Half of my carbs eaten and the day hasn't even started yet! For snack I decided to eat celery sticks with cream cheese because their sugar and carb value is 0. For lunch I made a ham panini sandwich from the BFC book, which ate the rest of my allowed carbs for the day.

Now, what to eat for dinner??? I'll have to go with a salad with no dressing or go over my carbs for today. Not a good thing as my trial period of BFC is only 7 days... I'm leaning towards the salad and maybe more celery sticks and cream cheese.

Here's what I should've eaten today:

Breakfast: Savory breakfast sandwich (sugar 3, carbs 2)

Snack: 10 almonds (sugar 1, no carbs)

Lunch: Beef and cheddar sandwich (sugar 2, carbs 2)

Snack: 1/4 c dry-roasted pumpkin seeds (no carbs, no sugar) --maybe I can fill up on these for dinner :(

Dinner: Bacon burger (sugar 2, carbs 2)

Tomorrow I'll have to be more careful of what I put in my mouth! I am still happy and satisfied with the foods I get to eat and have no cravings. 5 days without more than 15g of sugar a day!! I'm amazed!

PS. I just figured out that I can have an omelette for dinner with a garden salad. YIPPEE! I love eggs! (Organic free range of course)

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