Thursday, August 12, 2010

Belly Fat Cure -- Day 4

This is easy peasy, although today I've eaten my own foods. That's not against the diet as long as I keep a track of sugar and carbs eaten. I'm way under on both so good for me.

Today's menu from the book is:

Breakfast: Hearty meat scramble (sugar 2, carbs 2)

Snack: Celery with cream cheese (no sugar, no carbs) ( if your brand of cream cheese includes sugar, then you'd have to count it unless it's under 0.5g; anything under that amount doesn't count)

Lunch: Italian sub (sugar 4, carbs 2)

Snack: 6 Brazil Nuts (sugar 1, carbs 0)

Dinner: Meat loaf with mashed potatoes (sugar 3, carbs 2)

My menu today has been an Ezekiel sprouted whole wheat English muffin (sugar 0, carbs 2) and eggs for breakfast, and for morning snack I ate 10 almonds (sugar 1, carbs 0). From lunch on I'm following the book. I have to say that neither my hubby nor I liked the Italian sub because it calls for mortadella and capicola. Mortadella is a tiny bit sweet tasting which is ok at first but by the time you get to the end of your sub, it's just not tasty anymore. The Capicola was tough and reminded me of gum except tougher. YUCK!

I'm not sure I'm losing weight but I like eating less sugar. It agrees with my body and I just feel so darn healthy. It's a good thing, believe me :)

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