Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Belly Fat Cure -- Day 7

Last day of BFC!!!! And it went quite well. I stuck to the menu in the book so today I ate

Breakfast: sweet strawberry smoothie (it was delicious!) (sugar 3, carbs 2)

Snack: No snack because of the smoothie

Lunch: Ham & cheese sandwich (sugar 2, carbs 2)

Snack: 10 walnuts (sugar 1, carbs none)

Dinner: Bacon & Feta chicken salad (sugar 4, carbs 1)

I made a little modification to the yummy salad by leaving out the bacon. I also could have had 1/2 cup of my Xylitol ice cream for treat after dinner but I chose to pass. Actually I forgot and now it's too late to eat. Although on second thought, is it ever too late to eat ice cream??

Now on to my revealing numbers! Remember that I started at 140 lbs and 31" waist. I measured today and no change in weight :( but my waist was 29"! I'm loving it!

So why didn't I lose any poundage? I think it was because I just finished P90X and have lost about 10 lbs. Another thing could be that the author says sometimes exercising will interfere with losing weight. I didn't stop because I can't, that's my escape. Third thing could be that we eat pretty healthy already. I don't buy any sodas, candy, muffins, cookies, potato chips etc. I try to stick with the healthier stuff.

I am happy anyway and will continue to switch between the carb lover and sweet bites menus this coming week. It should be a very yummy week for me ;)

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