Saturday, August 14, 2010

Belly Fat Cure -- Day 6

What? Day 6 already? Time has gone by fast and I've enjoyed my diet so far. It really makes you see how much sugar we cram into our bodies daily, especially the children. I'm glad that even my 6 year old now wonders if something has too much sugar. Remember, I/we can only have 15 grams a day. That's very little compared to what we normally would consume in foods like milk, cereal, organic baked cereal bars etc.

Today I've eaten my own diet keeping track of all sugar and carbs. We went to our neighbor boy's birthday party so I may have eaten more carbs than I should have. In my defense, I didn't want to drag the scale with me so I had to guesstimate all portions. The dad was trained as a chef so I did have seconds of the worlds best potato salad keeping in mind my allotted amount of carbs for the day. Life is hard sometimes!

This is what I should've eaten:

Breakfast: Hearty meat scramble (sugar 2, carbs 2)

Snack: Celery with cream cheese (freebie as it has neither sugar nor carbs)

Lunch: Italian sub (sugar 4, carbs 2)

Snack: 6 Brazil nuts

Dinner: Meat loaf (sugar 3, carbs 2)

A yummy menu as you can see but I hit the ground running this morning and had no time for a hearty meat scramble. Besides, hearty always sounds suspicious to me because usually it's something yucky. That's just my experience.

Tomorrow starts my last day of the trial period. I'm prepared to go another week but probably won't blog about it daily, I think that would get boring.

Till tomorrow!

PS. I did not have any birthday cake, chips or candy. Just meat, potatoes and salad. The latter was wonderful also. Must have recipes...

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