Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Changing the life of my kids

First I wanted to report that I'm still doing the BFC diet/lifestyle change except today I fell of the wagon. Why? Because I made homemade granola bars.....and I love granola!! I'm repenting, what else can I do?!

Because of BFC, I was introduced to Joseph's products. They are sugar free so therefore I am allowed to use them while I'm on the 15g/day of sugar restriction. Actually, their pancake syrup is to die for! It's very buttery and yummy and I could just drink the whole bottle! I tried it tonight on the kids and I've never seen my son eat as many pancakes as he did just now. Good thing! And because it is sugar free, it doesn't give the kids a sugar crash later on. Since we eat pancakes so often, I'll start using Joseph's syrup as my staple all the time. Change #1 and the kids are thrilled with this one.

I also ordered the crispy peanut butter cookies. They are good but not as sweet as you'd expect a cookie to be. I put them through the toddler test, and once again Joseph's came through with flying colors! Both of the kids like them but my daughter will only eat 1 and then she's done. At some point I'll start making my own sugar free cookies; t's good to know that I can make them less sugary and the kids will still eat them. Change #2 and the kids are ok with this one.

This next product is not from Joseph's but just from Wally world (i.e. Walmart). I bought Kashi's Heart to Heart honey toasted oat cereal for the kids because it has only 5g of sugar per 3/4 cup. It sort of looks a bit like dog food but I decided to try it anyway. My younger one, a boy, will eat it and hums as he eats but my older, a girl, doesn't like it much. Change #3 and 50% of the kids are not happy about this one. I'll continue to try and maybe she'll get over her dislike. Next one I may try is Post Shredded oat with no sugar. Now that'll be interesting!

Back to Joseph's. The third thing I ordered was Maltitol syrup that can be used for baking instead of sugar. I haven't tried it yet but once I do, I'll report on the taste as this product is a sugar alcohol and therefore doesn't count as sugar. I'm planning to make brownies one of these days with chocolate topping. Yes, it is in my diet! (in moderation of course)


PS. We've also started using unsweetened Almond milk instead of cow's milk. It has no sugar and the kids like it with their cereal. That's all we really use it for plus as liquid for pancakes. My son's tummy is tolerating the Almond milk much better so I wonder if he is lactose intolerant?!

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