Monday, June 7, 2010

Alexia Mashed Potatoes

Long time no posts! I've been a single parent for some time now while my husband has been out of town so I've not had the time to sit down and blog. That's unfortunate as I have projects etc. I could have shared with you but that just means that I'll have to post them later.

Today is one of those many days that I felt like not cooking. I went to the store looking for dinner but somewhere along the way I changed my mind and came home with a bag of Alexia Mashed Potatoes. The product looks like this:

I found it in the freezer section so I was curious to see what frozen mashed potatoes look like. This is what I found:

I heated mine up in a pot although the instructions said to use the microwave. You have to keep a close eye on the little nuggets to make sure you don't burn them if you use the stove top method. I also added a little bit more water than the instructions said. It took about 8 minutes which seemed like an eternity because I was hungry and ready for my garlic mashed potatoes! Since I'm doing the P90X fitness - or should I stay torture - program I can't have very much but I was going to enjoy what little I can have.

When the nuggets melted they looked like regular mashed potatoes. Imagine that ;-)

The potatoes were ok although I couldn't taste any garlic in them. It may be that adding more water for the stove top method diluted the taste, who knows, but overall they were pretty tasty.

The bag has maybe 40 little nuggets in it so it doesn't make a whole lot of potatoes. The price is not too bad at about $3.00/bag unless you're thinking of feeding a crowd. I am excited that the product has no trans fats, high fructose corn syrup etc junk but it's made with real potatoes and olive oil.

Happy eating!

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