Saturday, May 29, 2010

DVD organizer

Lately I've been attacking messes like they are going out of style. Good thing, yes, but where to put all the stuff once its been organized?? Since I have a small space to work with, I have to try to be super organized to find anything. I guess you could say the same thing about large space... too much room, can't remember where left stuff etc etc. Anyhow, this week I've been concentrating on organizing our DVD collection. I had researched different options a while back and came to the conclusion that we should buy another bookshelf and stack the movies there. Not working anymore! It's taking up too much space and was always a mess because the kids would go digging through it.

So what to do??? I decided to buy this super sized DVD organizer from Walmart:

It was about $30 but holds over 300 DVD's. I wanted to keep the artwork as well so this is how I organized my holder:

To get the artwork to fit in, I folded the spine against the back page and then cut maybe 1/4" off the opposite side. I recycled the cases on Montgomery Freecycle and, surprisingly, they were gone within the first minute with backups!

If you have a lot of DVD's this system is going to be expensive to do. Unless you're married to Donald Trump, I would recommend using just a regular 3-ring binder and buying the DVD sheets separately. I'm attaching a link for the sheets but it may not be the cheapest place to get them.

Now if I could only get mine alphabetized... >:~(

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