Sunday, December 27, 2009

Poinsettia hair pin

Super simple to make so here's what you need:

Sharp scissors
Red and white or green felt
Crystal or decorative button
Alligator clips
Needle & thread or hot glue
Freezer paper
For template click here

Trace the pattern on freezer paper, then iron on felt with shiny side down. The freezer paper will stick to the felt but no worries, it will peel off easily. Cut all of the parts out and remove freezer paper.

Cut 2 small slits in the circle, just large enough to slip the alligator clip through. You can pull out the sewing machine to attach the circle to the large flower but I did it by hand.

Next, sew the crystal or decorative button on the scalloped round piece and then layer on top of the small flower on top of the large flower. Clear as mud? Great! Now you can either hand sew the pieces together or hot glue. I was too lazy to dig for my hot glue gun so I did it by hand.

Slip the alligator clip through the slits and it is finished! You can use it as a hair clip or a brooch. If you don't want to do a poinsettia, make your own creation!

For nice step by step photos of the project, go here.

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