Saturday, December 26, 2009

New Cabinets

I'm so excited about my new custom made cabinets I thought I'd blog about them. The process was a bit of a pain because it started raining just after our carpenter started building. Since he had to use power tools outside, the rain put a stop to our process. After the rain, came the cold wave but that didn't stop Mike the carpenter. The project got finished and we have beautiful cabinets. We have so much more extra room now, I love it!!! See for yourself.


After (the quality of the pic is not great because I was doing this at night trying to capture the glow of Christmas lights. Didn't work out but hopefully you'll get the picture.)

If you need anything built, contact me and I'll give you Mike's phone number. He has been doing this for 15+ years and really knows what he's doing. In the meanwhile I thought I'd brag a little.

Happy Boxing day!

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