Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Have you ever done Pixos with your kids? I did yesterday afternoon and it was not a good experience. I've seen it at the stores and always thought it would be a cute thing to try with my daughter. I picked it up many times and almost put it in the cart a few times but luckily I never purchased it myself.

The whole thing is flawed in my opinion. First of all the design didn't align correctly with the tray holes. Not a big issue but enough to irritate and make the project harder. Then we found out that the Pixos pen didn't work. I thought we could do the project by hand but my 4 year old lost interest after the first couple of beads. The beads liked to run away from us so we spent half the time crawling on the kitchen floor looking for them so they wouldn't end up in the baby's mouth. Should've had a tray or something but I just wanted to get the project done. Another thing to mention is that the Pixos pen for the 2 times it worked is too big and clumsy to insert the bead in the right spot on the tray. At least it wasn't easy for my almost 5 yr old.

By the middle of the project, the beads started sticking to my hands because I was getting sweaty. When I was finally done, we dropped a spray bottle onto the tray and the beads went flying EVERYWHERE! You'd think that I would've given up but no, I had to complete the project! After spraying with water on both sides and waiting for 30min (instructions say 10) some of the parts still came off the design. At that point my frustration was right about 99.9% so I took the creation and held it under running water for a few seconds although I wanted to do something entirely different with the whole darn creation. Take that Pixos!!

Now I have an ice cream cone looking bead thing but what do I do with it?? I'm afraid to give it to the kids to play with because I don't think it will hold together. So I guess it will have to beautify my trash can. Needless to say, we won't be doing any more Pixos projects. Ever!

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