Sunday, June 28, 2009


At the beginning of May I decided to do an experiment and plant my tomato plant upside down in a Homer paint bucket from Home Depot. To date it hasn't grown very much and although it had several flowers on it, there is only one tomato. There's my baby below:

The good thing about my method is that I haven't really had to water a whole lot, maybe 3-4 times since planting and there are no weeds or bugs but where in the world are my tomatoes???? I used organic garden soil and organic manure in the bucket to help the plant grow pesticide free and strong.

My friend decided to experiment on her tomato plants as well and planted about the same time as I. She is using the methods in a book called "How To Grow World Record Tomatoes" by Charles Wilber to grow hers. Her plants are humongous and full of fruit! She hasn't had any problems with weeds or bugs which was exactly the reason why I chose to grow mine upside down. The tomatoes are grown without pesticides and four plants can produce up to 1000lbs of tomatoes (Mr. Wilber got up to 1300 lbs just from 4 plants)! Talk about pumping up your food storage!

The fence behind the tomato plants is 8ft so you can see how incredibly tall her plants are. Since May until the end of June these plants have grown very fast!

Here is a close up of the fruit that's ripening. Aren't those
beautiful tomatoes? The plants are full of them but I just took a picture of the lowest hanging fruit - HA!

To find out what Mr. Wilber does, you will have to buy his book or go to the library to find it. In his book he reveals his secrets of how to start from seed as well as mulching, pruning etc. This method requires a bit more work than mine in the beginning but as you can see from the pictures, it is well worth it.

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