Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lazy Bugs

I've had a hard time getting my kids to pick up after themselves so I have thought long and hard of what to do. My first idea was to make a one week chore chart that I would print at the beginning of each week. The idea was that if they got so many check marks on their chart, they got to pick a prize. Well, after all the cute images and hard work I put into the Excel chart, it didn't work. Not one bit. And then I ran out of ink. The whole "let's respect our home by keeping it clean" idea went out the window, or so it seemed.

I thought and thought and finally realized I had to come up with something my children love. What do they love? Princesses and firetrucks (2 different kids, 2 different likes)! The ball started rolling from there and here is the result:

I made my hubby draw the firetruck, because it was harder. I am not much of an artist as you can see by the leaning castle walls :) I still have to draw a firehouse behind the firetruck, or maybe I'll have the artist in the family do it! Now the kids get to build their castle or firetruck each day as they complete the chores they've been given. As they complete a chore, they get to go put a piece of the chore chart on. Or most times we do it at night right before bed. As they get older, things can be added to the charts because they are just made out of fun foam.

These are the materials I used:
Poster board (2 pieces of 8.5x11)
Fun foam sheets in different colors
Sharpie permanent marker (thin tip)
Velcro dots
Sticky back jewels
Sleeping Beauty iron-on patch (from Hobby Lobby or any craft store)

The amazing thing is that because they are excited about these charts, many times the kids pick up after themselves without being asked to. Then they race to me showing how they cleaned demanding a piece to the castle/firetruck. I think the charts are serving their purpose!

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