Monday, June 15, 2009

Chicken Soup for the Soul?

Yesterday I got into cooking mode and decided to add to my food storage by canning some homemade chicken soup. My family isn't crazy about soups but I figured when the time comes that food will be like gold (i.e. we'll be living off of our storage), I think they'll love it. You can see a picture above of my pressure canner hard at work. The result looks more like a science project or a scary Halloween display but I hope it tastes good.

My next pressure canning project is to can meat. I have a freezer shelf full of beef and chicken just waiting to be canned. It's very exciting to me because armed with my canner and food sealer, I'm way past just eating MRE's or pinto beans. Nothing wrong with beans, just that my family will not touch them unless they are in the form of a cookie. And I have hidden them into chocolate chip cookies before but I'll write about that some other time.

My food storage plan is to come up with 30 different meals that my family likes and then organize all the recipes into a spreadsheet. This way I'll know what ingredients and how much I'll need. I didn't think of this plan but I think it's genius. Click here to get more inspiration for your food storage or go to Youtube and search for Wendy DeWitt. She has posted a 9 part series on the tube and it is excellent. Have fun!

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