Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Glitter wall paint: Valspar's paint crystals review

I never knew such a thing existed until my friend painted her daughter's room purple with glitter. Once my little girl heard about it, it had to be done in her room too. Since her room was due for some spicing up, I thought we could try this.

Before: This is what we started with, a pearl colored wall. 

Here is the "glitter": Valspar's paint crystals in silver.
This little package is mixed with 1 gallon of paint. For
more glittery effect, you can mix 2 pouches with 1 gal
of paint, or mix just one with a quart depending on 
your paint needs.

After: My paint is Valspar's Princess Pink. You really
can't see the glitter unless you are close to the wall but 
it is really pretty when the light hits it. 

I am really happy with the way the wall turned out and recommend paint crystals. They were easy to use and mix with the paint. The only word of warning is that you have to use all of the glitter paint within 5 days or buy more glitter to mix in if you want the same effect.

Cost of the project: 
**Paint: about $33/gallon at Lowes
**Paint crystals: about $8 at Lowes

 So for about $40 I got a totally different look in this room. And we are not done yet!

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