Wednesday, December 12, 2012

DIY Mini Christmas trees

See those mini trees on my mantel?

I'm talking about these little puppies. They are made of recycled cereal and cracker boxes. This is what they looked like before I embellished them:

So that means you don't have to buy the expensive foam cones, you can make your own with the stuff you already have on hand! Love it!!

Here they are again:

1. Tree to the left was made by my daughter. She used pom poms to cover hers.
2. Tree in front of the pom pom one is made with white beans. It's my least favorite because there are gaps between the beans and you can see the brown of the cracker box peeking through. I should have spray painted it white before gluing on the beans :(
3. The green glittery tree is covered with ribbon found at the dollar section at Hobby Lobby.
4. The white tree is covered with thick yarn. I thought I had some jute but I didn't so I used this white stuff which is very similar to jute. It looks crooked in the picture but it's not in real life. It was sitting on a garland light bulb.
5. The green fluffy tree was made by my son. We used mini tree garland to decorate it.

My original idea was to find stuff at home to cover the trees but then I went to Hobby Lobby and well, game over. I was also going to find things around the house for the toppers but that didn't happen either. I bought the glitter stars at Walmart for something else but ended up using them for this project instead.

I'm still working on the last tree. I started to cover it with acorn caps or hats but apparently I waited too long. There are no more hats around! That tree will have to wait until next year to be finished :(

Happy "waiting for Christmas" time!

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