Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I know I said I'd blog about school lunches next but I'm still working on that. And while my creative juices are flowing, I decided to tackle something that was a constant problem for us last year: staying organized! I saw this on a blog and decided I must replicate (sort of):

Isn't it genius??? So I bought the wall file holders and this is my still evolving version "before":

And "after":

I tried to keep the cost down so I wanted to use things that I already had at home. I did have to purchase the file holders and the decorative paper but everything else was found hanging around at the house. In the picture below I have the file folders, decorative papers, scissors, metallic sharpies and tape. The magnets were a no show for the picture but you will need those too.

First I made my own template in Word using size 150 and 200 font, Curlz MT for M and Felix Titling for T. I taped the template inside the file holder and used my metallic sharpies to write over. Voila, now we have a name on the box! Holder! Whatever!

I didn't take a picture of this but I cut the decorative paper to size, then just taped it inside. I put at least 4 (maybe even more, we shall see) sticky back magnets on the back of the boxes and now they hang on my magnetic chalkboard.

I'm super excited about this because now we have a place to put the homework, permission slips and all the other incredible amount of paper that comes home from school every day. Like I said earlier, my magnetic command center is not done so you'll probably see future posts on my progress.

I promise to do menus next!!! I have some great ideas so hopefully they'll help you plan your kiddos school lunches. Till next time!

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