Monday, July 23, 2012

Flower hair pins

These are so super easy, you probably don't even need me to explain. I saw these adorable hair pins on another blog and took a trip to Walmart's immediately. Well, almost...

Here is a picture of what you need for the diy flower pins:

 I didn't realize a little finger had touched my camera 
lens so the pictures look even more "less than perfect"
than normally. Sorry! So back to the task at hand. Get 
some hairpins and fabric flowers. Like I said earlier, 
I got mine at the sewing section at Walmart.

I used hot glue to attach and here's the result.

I used the pins the next day in a hairdo for my little 
girl. I think they are very cute!

Like I said, not much brain power needed to make these but if you are like me, sometimes you have to see things before you can make them. Till next time!

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