Thursday, June 2, 2011

Father's day gift

I made this as a teacher gift this morning but this would also make a cute father's day, birthday etc. gift.

You'll need:
Tab top can, any size
Tissue paper
Goodies to fill the can
Hot glue gun
Scrap book paper

1. Remove label from the can.

2. Open the can from the bottom but leave the lid attached a little. Wash and dry thoroughly. (You may not want to use chili cans unless you can get the smell out totally)

3. Fill with goodies leaving about 1-1.5" free space.

4. Wad up tissue paper and set inside the can. Don't skip this step! You don't want your candy/goodies hot glued to the bottom of the can, do ya???

5. Shut the lid and glue to the can.

6. Cut scapbooking paper to size and glue on the can. You can also cut labels and all sorts of decorations from the same paper. As you can see, I used the dishwasher magnet leftovers for this so I didn't have to buy more paper. Yippee! BTW, you can also print a label off your computer.

7. Tie a ribbon around the tab being careful not to pull on it too hard.

And there it is, cute and affordable! Have fun!

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