Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Crafty bracelet

My daughter and I made these cute recycled bracelets earlier this year at a Mother Daughter party. I don't have step by step pictures but believe me, they're not hard to make at all!

You'll need:
Soda can
Ribbon or Duct tape
Hot glue
Fabric strips (if you want to make a roses like the ones above) OR
Other embellishments

Cut 1 - 1.5" strip out of a well washed soda can. Round the ends and then cover the whole thing with ribbon or duct tape. The black bracelet was covered with ribbon, the pink with duct tape.

Glue a strip of velcro at the round ends so the bracelet can be opened and closed.

Embellish the bracelet. If you want to do a fabric rose, I've got a tutorial here. Otherwise, use buttons, beads, jewels etc to embellish and make it yours. Easy as pie!

You can also make soda can rings the same way. Cut a thin strip out of the soda can. Wrap it around your or your child's finger so that about 1/4" overlaps. Cut. Use hot glue or duct tape to secure the overlap. If you use hot glue, make sure the ring stays flat where the dollop of glue is. Cover the ring with duct tape. Embellish.

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