Monday, April 4, 2011

Hello Kitty t-shirt

A while back my daughter saw this Hello Kitty t-shirt at Target and of course she fell in love with it. I didn't want to buy it because I knew I could make it cheaper so told her I would make one. She was happy with that. So above is my inspiration. Let's see what became of this project!

I used freezer paper, fabric paints, fabric glitter, paint brush, iron, hot pink and cool blue t-shirt material, scissors and a sewing machine to finish the shirt.

First I looked for a Hello Kitty image online and printed it out. I drew it on freezer paper and cut it out. Then I ironed the freezer paper shiny side down on a pre-washed t-shirt. So far so good.

Next I used a black fabric marker to trace around the outline including the nose. I used black fabrick paint to paint the eyes. Let dry. Peel off the freezer paper. (I know, the picture is awful!)

Next I ironed the bow on and traced around it. At this point I had to set the fabric markers so I used the iron to do that. I also could have thrown the shirt in the dryer but it would have taken 30min vs. 4min so I chose the iron.

After setting the colors, I painted the bow pink and then flooded it with fabric glitter. Let it dry.

It seemed like there was glitter everywhere but after it was cleaned up to the best of my abilities, I cut out the ruffles for the bottom. To get the fabric to ruffle, I sewed with the longest straight stitch possible leaving long thread tails. DO NOT use the reverse stitch function or the ruffling will not work.

Pull the top thread gently while moving the fabric along. The fabric should ruffle. I put the emphasis on gently so the top thread won't snap. You can pull the start and end tails at the same time to do this quicker.

Attach the ruffles to the shirt by sewing. I sewed the ruffles about 1" apart. Done! Here is my version of the shirt my daughter wanted:

Guess who was a happy little girl until she spilled pumpkin Alfredo sauce all over her new shirt?!

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