Monday, April 25, 2011

Hello green world!

It is the day after Easter and I have started a detox program. Wow! That didn't sound good so let me clarify: a green smoothie detox program for 21 days that is like a "spring vacation for your liver."

I chose to start the cleansing program the day after Easter so yesterday I let myself eat whatever I wanted. Today not so! For breakfast I had a kale, apple and banana smoothie, and for lunch a fruit salad. Dinner is tabbouleh salad without the actual tabbouleh. My tabbouleh will consist of parsley, Hemp seeds (we will talk about Hemp later), tomato and green onion. No bread, milk, meat or even grains. Oh my!

By doing this program I'm hoping to gain not only better health and eating habits but also delicious green smoothie recipes that I can use on regular basis. So far so good and I am feeling great. What are your plans for improving the way you eat?

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