Saturday, March 26, 2011

Easter tree

Each year as Easter approaches I go hunting for a tree branch. This year my son and I drove around the neighboring neighborhood and ours until I found just the perfect specimen.

Why do I do this? Because I'm too cheap to go buy a store made Easter tree. Plus the kids love it so I'm keeping this tradition.

What do I look for? I look for a sturdy branch that has many little branches going here and there. I've only used Oak tree branches because that's what we've got plenty of here but any branch will do. Birch would be great because it's already white. See, I spray paint mine white just for personal preference.

The first thing I do is I look at the branch and decide which branches I want to keep. Then I start cutting away with my garden loppers. Kitchen scissors will not do, believe me I've tried. When you're deciding how tall to make it, you need to have the vase where you're going to display it right there with you so you don't cut too much and have to on another hunt. My branch is already cut in this picture.

After I'm done cutting, I spray paint. This is of course optional but I like the white branch against my pastel Easter tree decor & cherry flowers. Let that baby dry well if you go with this option. And by the way, I spray paint on my lawn in the backyard, although this year I did it in the front. Hubby wasn't real pleased... It'll grow fast so no worries but until then our lawn has a snow looking patch on it :)

Last but not least, decorate. This year I used empty plastic eggs inside the vase. The kids thought that was a fantastic idea and kept adding more and more. They also decorated the tree so here it is in its full glory, leaning a bit:

Once the kids go to bed, I'll have to "even out" the decor on some of the branches ;)
Till later!

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