Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another flower

I hate to admit it but I'm still hooked on making flowers for hair or accessories! This one is a little different though so read on.

You will need fabric that is mostly polyester or organza. I started by cutting a 5" circle with 6 notches. When I say notches, just cut a 1/2" slit in 6 different places on the circle, like petals. In the picture above I'm trying to show you one of the slits.

Next I cut a 4" circle, then 3", then 2", then 1" and last but not least 1/2". Don't forget to notch them.

This next step can be dangerous so do it close to a sink and use tweezers. Light a candle and bring the fabric close to the flame NOT actually letting it touch the flame. When the fabric starts curling, you know you are close enough. Once it curls, don't dilly dally but move on quickly.

Go around the whole circle and then the rest of the circles. Use tweezers to hold the fabric by the flame or else thou shalt surely burn thyself!

Layer the circles on top of each other and then either sew or hot glue them together. I used hot glue and have had no problems with it staying together. Hot glue a pin or a clip in the back.

I found 3 beads and hot glued them in the middle. Done!

Thanks to my friend Andrea for this wonderful idea! And by the way, you can make this flower any size: big, small, less petals, more petals. It's all up to you. Happy crafting!

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