Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Healthy after school snacks

The heading says it all, no introduction necessary.

1. Pizza. But don't run to Dominoes or Pizza Hut just yet, this is a healthy pizza made out of a sprouted whole grain English muffin (like Ezekiel) or just whole grain English muffin. Use organic pasta sauce as the pizza sauce, and low fat graded cheese.

2. Olive cream cheese sandwiches. Get the recipe for olive cream cheese here, then spread on top of organic whole wheat crackers, tortillas or toast.

3. Tuna yachts. Whip up some tuna salad and fill celery stalks or endive leaves for a healthy snack. Go here to get a recipe for tuna salad. Warning: I've never tried it.

4. Peanut butter and raisin porcupines. Recipe can be found here.

5. Instant strawberry frozen yogurt. This is simple: blend frozen strawberries into yogurt. YUM! Plain yogurt is always best as you can sweeten it to your child's taste with Stevia, Truvia or any other natural sweetener.

Till later!

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