Friday, October 8, 2010

Beauty from the pantry

Natural treatments are cost effective and they really work. The best thing about making your own beauty treatments is that you control what goes in them. I love the fact that they are simple to make and preservative free. The more natural, the better!

1. Lemon - Not only does it help with a sore throat but it can also be used as a natural astringent. It lightens dark spots on skin and pulls out impurities. Use 1/2 of a lemon to rub on your face or squeeze out the juice and use a cotton ball. Keep leftovers in the fridge.

2. Rose - To make your own natural rose water, steep some rose petals in clean (i.e. purified) water and add some coconut milk. Voila, instant astringent and toner for your skin. It can also be used in recipes (baking, cooking, puddings, ice cream etc.) if you prepare it hygienically. Is that even a word??! You should make sure that the rose has been organically grown... Pesticides = not a good thing. Don't want those in our bodies.

3. Strawberries - The seeds of strawberries are great for exfoliating the skin. Mix coarse salt, olive oil and mashed strawberries to make your own body scrub.

4. Bananas - Restore moisture balance in your face by making a facial mask from a banana. Mash a banana with 1 tsp of honey. Apply to clean face and leave on for 15 minutes. The mask will have a firming and moisturizing effect. Gotta love that!

5. Honey - Honey contains antibacterial properties that can be transferred to the body by making a honey mask. If you have dry skin, mix some honey with cooked oatmeal and apply to clean skin. For oily skin, mix honey and vinegar to clean skin.

6. Sugar. Normally I call white table sugar evil but not today. Use this recipe to get baby soft skin all over: 50% white cane sugar, 50% vegetable glycerin, small amount of aloe vera gel, 1 drop each of lavender and orange essential oils (or essential oil of your choice). Mix all ingredients in a bowl then scoop onto hand and massage all over the body. Leave on for 3-4 minutes before rinsing. This scrub can also be used on face.

This is just a beginning of many ingredients that can be used at home to make beauty treatments. I haven't even mentioned mango, pineapple, cucumber etc but you get the idea. Have fun trying these at home!

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