Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Feed Your Face: 10 foods for better skin

Hello world!
I am back from vacation and ready to enter reality. My fingers have been itching to get back to blogging so let's get started.

Did you know that what you eat affects your skin? Yes, it sure does. There are certain foods that are better for your skin than others and here they are:

#1 Avocado. It has an abundance of essential oils and B-complex vitamins that give your skin what it needs inside and out. A little fella called Niacin is very important to skin as it is a natural anti-inflammatory skin soother, and avocados contain plenty of it. This gives you the green light to eat that organic fresh guacamole.

#2 Mangoes. Who doesn't love mangoes??!! Mangoes have lots of vitamin A in them which is an antioxidant. Antioxidants fight free radicals that damage cells causing aging and other more serious damage. Vitamin A maintains and repairs skin cells also. Muy importante!

#3 Almonds. Almonds contain 150% of your daily need for vitamin E, wow! Vitamin E is also an antioxidant fighting free radicals and helping to keep your skin supple and wrinkle free. I'm gettin me some raw almonds!!

#4 Cottage Cheese. This is not going to be easy for me because I do NOT like cottage cheese!!! Maybe I can put it in my pancakes?? ;o) Anyway, cottage cheese is rich in selenium which is an essential mineral that the skin needs. Selenium is a team player and it likes to team up with vitamin E to protect the skin from cancer and dandruff. I like this power duo as I don't want either of those conditions!!

#5 Acerola cherries. One Acerola cherry contains 100% of your daily allowance for vitamin C. Vitamin C is another antioxidant fighting against wrinkles and damage; it's very important in the production of collagen.

#6 Oysters. They are abundant in the mineral Zinc that supports the production of sebum. So what's the significance of sebum? The lack of it may contribute to acne. Zinc also helps the skin to stay elastic.

#7 Baked Potatoes. If you eat them with the skin, you'll get 75% of your copper need. What do I need copper for, you may ask. Why to help vitamin C and Zinc produce elastin fibers of course! Elastin fibers have a very important job: they support the skin structure. Betcha I know what you're having for dinner!

#8 Mushrooms. These damp loving fun guys are rich in riboflavin which does the job of tissue repair and maintenance. Quoting the author of this article:

"This vitamin is so important for skin repair that the body uses large amounts after sustaining a burn or wound, or undergoing surgery."

So make your baked potatoes with mushrooms and kill 2 birds with one powerful vitamin rich punch of a stone.

#9 Flaxseed oil. It's a great source of Omega 3's which your skin L-O-V-E-S!

#10 Wheat Germ. A great source for biotin that is crucial to your skin. It's easy to use, readily available and doesn't taste bad at all. You can sprinkle it in your yogurt, cereal, oatmeal etc. or make muffins or bread with it.

So there it is. I wonder how great my skin would look if I ate these 10 items every day for a month? Although the oysters could pose a little problem for me.. :(

Here is a link to the article if you'd like to read it at the source. Happy oyster eating!

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  1. swallow's nest in an edible gel form is supposed be good for the skin too. it gives that clear and pasty skin that we all love.

    it's mad expensive. my brother and i bought some for my mom for her birthday. it was like 400 bucks for like a 6-8 oz jar. Luckily we finally found the one of popular brand online ( and

    dad said it's really popular in indonesia. that a guy has to climb a high mountain to get the nest. that's why it's so expensive.

    i mean why doesn't the dude just look for the fabled korean swallow king, capture it and let it lay eggs full of gold! then, he wouldn't have to work so hard and climb them high mountains.


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