Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Easter grass

Have you ever grown Easter grass? I used to do it every Easter when I was a child and loved it. It's very easy and low cost so this is what you'll need:

a plate (use one that you'll not be using in for eating any more)
potting soil OR kitchen paper towels
grass seed
misting bottle
plastic wrap

I never use potting soil for this project. Instead I take 2 pieces of paper towel and fold in the middle. Slap on the plate and mist with misting bottle. Trim the edges. Make sure the paper towel lays flat on the plate; there shouldn't be any pools of water either. Sprinkle the grass seed evenly on the wet paper making sure you get enough but not so much that the seeds lay on top of each other. Mist with misting bottle but be gentle so the seeds don't move. Cover with plastic wrap and a paper towel. Set in a dark and warm place to germinate.

In a few days you will see white tufts coming out of the seeds. This is a good sign and means that you will soon have grass. You have to check the wetness every day and make sure you keep misting if the paper towel is dry. Once the grass is so tall that it bends under the plastic wrap, you can remove it.

You will have to mow your grass, otherwise it'll grow too long. Use scissors and cut to desired length. Once Easter is over, don't throw your grass away; go plant it in a bare spot on your lawn!
Happy Easter!

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