Friday, February 19, 2010

Pink Pancake makeover

I've died and gone to heaven! Our dinner of re-made pink pancakes was EXCELLENT! They weren't exactly beauty contest winners because the Ricotta cheese made them soft and therefore hard to flip, but the taste was delicious.

So what did I do this time? I used cream of coconut in the batter to sweeten it up. I threw about 1/2 can of CC in the bowl and mixed with milk. As I've said before, I eyeball the amount of milk. Of course the more milk, the bigger the batter. I used maybe 6 cups thinking that we'd have leftovers and I could freeze them but no such luck, the kids (and I) ate them all.

Ok, back to the recipe. After milk, whisk whisk whisk and then add 1/4 cup pureed beets. Whisk again and add an egg, 1 way heaping tablespoon of Ricotta cheese and 1 tsp of cinnamon. Or more; I use more, close to 1/2 a tablespoon because we like it. Whisk and start adding flour. You can use whole wheat (never tried) or white, and add just until the batter is like thick soup. Make sure you whisk out all of the flour clumps.

Get a ladle and pour on frying pan. I use real butter to fry because it tastes better than anything else and my hips like it; they swell with happiness each time I eat pink pancakes! A word of warning: because of the Ricotta, the pancakes/crepes can be a bit sticky to flip on the frying pan especially if you don't have teflon pans (which I recommend throwing out immediately for health reasons!). Try to turn them before they burn. A good way to tell is when the edges are getting golden brown and the middle is no longer runny.

Let me know if you try the revised recipe.

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