Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Flower clips

You'll need silk flowers, alligator clips, brads, ribbon and glue ( I used E6000 but hot glue will work too)

The flowers for this project do not need to be expensive. I got mine from Walmart and Hobby Lobby but you could go to the dollar store too to buy them.
Pull the flowers off the stems and remove the center part. Insert a brad in place of center. My brads have a jewel in the middle because I like a little bling with my thing but there are many to choose from so pick the one that you like.

Next open the alligator clip and put glue on the top inside part. Insert the ribbon, close clip and then glue the ribbon on the top part of the clip. You can cover the whole clip if you wish but I didn't do it. Since I'll be inserting the bottom through a ponytail holder, I want to be sure it goes through without a big struggle.

Last but not least, put glue on the back of your flower and glue to the alligator clip. I made these clips in about 15 minutes tonight.

You can use them as hair clips, purse decorations, on top of gifts etc. The options are limitless.

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