Monday, November 23, 2009

Baby shower

A few weeks ago I went to a fun baby shower. I normally don't like them because I'm not a game playing type of gal but I have to admit, this one was REALLY fun.

We played several games starting with "What are Babies Made of?" where we had to guess the part in ( ). It was much harder than you'd think now that you know the answers.

1. Something to keep silverware in (chest)
2. Grown on a cornstalk (ear)
3. Type of macaroni (elbow)
4. A school child (pupil)
5. Tropical trees (palms)
6. Part of an apple (skin)
7. Edge of a saw (teeth)
8. Used by carpenters (nails)
9. Weapons of war (arms)
10. Part of a clock (hands/face)
11. What dogs bury (bones)
12. Twenty-four inches (2 feet)
13. What a wrecking truck does (tows i.e. toes)
14. Place of worship (temple)
15. A type of orange (navel/blood)
16. What you should keep out of other people's business (nose)
17. A clam (muscle)
18. A young cow (calf)
19. Used to hail a ride (thumb)
20. What our parents used to do on dates (neck)
21. Cardio-vascular respiratory endurance stabilizer (heart)
22. Part of a river (mouth/bottom)
23. Weathercocks (vein)
24. What a smart person is called (brain)
25. Top of a hill (Round)

The winner got to choose their favorite candy bar.

We also played The Price is Right where we had to guess prices for diapers, pacifiers, bootie creams etc. The mother-to-be got to keep all of the items we guessed the prices for. Once again, the winner got to choose their favorite candy bar.

Next we played a memory game where each match was given a candy bar prize. Oh, it was much much much fun!!

Daddy at conception - Big Hunk
Conception - Skor
Pregnant belly - Chunk
Choosing baby names - Whatchamacallit
Baby girl - Baby Ruth
Twin boys - Mike & Ike
Contractions - Now and Later
Delivery - Hersheys (here she is)
Hospital address - 5th Avenue
Late to hospital - Rocky Road
Anesthesiologist - Mr Goodbar
Epidural - Life Savers
Delivery Doctor - Butterfinger
Umbilical cord - Twizzlers
Hospital Nursery - Cry babies
Hospital Bill - 100 Grand
Hospital accountants - Nerds
Premie - Runts
New baby - Treasures
Baby laundry - Mounds
Teething - Crunch bar

If I ever give a baby shower, I know what games I'm going to play ;o)

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