Sunday, October 4, 2009

Onion WHAT??????!!!!!

I am in the midst of a serious war!! I've been trying to get sick ever since yesterday and what usually "sweeps me off my feet" this time of the year lasts and lasts and lasts... I decided that I wasn't having it this time so I pulled out the big guns, my secret weapons of war. You'll think I'm absolutely crazy, or at least a tree hugging granola head when I tell you what I've done, but let me just tell you I'M WINNING!!!!!

As soon as I got that feeling in my nose I started using a saline water nose spray. It's good to rinse out your nose if it gets congested or feels dry. I also started eating raw garlic two times a day. You can forget about a romantic weekend because the stink is unbearable but if it helps, I'm willing to do it (sorry honey!). You don't just peel a clove, throw it in your mouth and wash it down with water -or in my case chocolate milk-, there is a way to do it. You peel the garlic and cut it in pieces that you think you can swallow. Before swallowing each piece, you smush it with the blade of your knife to break it up. Place it on your tongue carefully and wash down with liquid of your choice. Word of warning: DO NOT try to bite into the pieces because you'll burn the inside of your mouth!!! Been there, done that. After I'm done, I suck on whole cloves to mask the smell but you could also eat fresh parsley. Fresh garlic may sound disgusting but it has properties to help with high blood pressure, infections etc. Can you take garlic pills instead? No. Allicin, the stuff that makes garlic effective a.k.a. the antibiotic of the nature, starts dissipating pretty soon after you cut into a clove. So peel and munch immediately.

After the garlic, I made some raw honey cinnamon toast. Once again, honey cures infections and cinnamon is beneficial for blood regulation, improved digestion, fighting colds, flatulence and nausea, and it improves energy. I don't like honey so this was a stretch for me. Because of that I added the bread to the mix but you're really supposed to take 1 tablespoon of honey mixed with 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon twice a day.

Then I was ready for some cayenne pepper water. I drank 1/2 glass of water mixed with a couple of sprinkles of Cayenne pepper. Burned somewhat but what can I say? I'm not going to lose! It has been said that Cayenne pepper tincture can stop a heart attack and warm a body from the inside out if you have hypothermia so it's a very powerful healing agent.

It's not over yet. The last thing I did was make an onion poultice. My husband thought it was food and was confused when I dumped the cooked onions on a T-shirt. So should you want to do it, this is your how to: Cut an onion and separate the rings. Pour about 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil onto a frying pan and cook the onions until soft.

Next dump the cooked onions on a paper towel to absorb as much oil as possible. You will want to use 100% cotton to wrap them in. I used a ruined T-shirt, like so:

Then put the package where your problem is. If it's an ear ache/infection put the package on your ear. If you've got lung issues... You get the picture. I thought I was coming down with bronchitis so guess where I put mine. Yep, you got it! I actually had a picture of it but the darn site won't let me post any more pictures. You'll want to make sure the poultice stays in place and is warm. When it gets cold, you can reheat it or have a new one waiting. I kept mine on all afternoon and evening under my coat. Onion is an old home remedy and effective in pulling out the toxins as long as you keep it on long enough and in place. You may have to use several onions but it will work.

Last thing I did was hydrate hydrate hydrate. Water, green tea or red raspberry leaf tea only, no juices (sugar), cokes (sugar or even worse aspartame and some other unhealthy junk), coffees, lattes etc. Oh yea and no picking your nose either. You don't want to introduce new germs or push the existing ones further down inside your head.

Let me know if you tried the poultice. I'm very happy I did although my eyes kept watering and my whole body smelt like a bloomin' onion ;o). I feel better today so it was all worth it. But just to be on the safe side, raw garlic here I come!

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