Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas crafts

We made some that I didn't have time to post until now. I guess better late than never, right?!

 My daughter and I made these pony bead candy canes for
an economics fair at her elementary school. If you make
these, make sure to tuck the pipe cleaner under the
second and second to the last bead to hold the first and last
beads in place.

Decided to make a shirt for my daughter. I drew a reindeer
and traced it on the plain white shirt. I used just a pencil 
because I didn't have fancy things like tracing paper or a 
sewing pen with disappearing ink. 

 Here is the finished product. Because it is lined in beads
the lines are not perfect. That gives it the more handmade
look. I considered using sequence that's already sewn
together but the lines at Hobby Lobby were WAY too
long. (sorry, the picture wouldn't rotate!) I also thought
about hand embroidering this with glittery yarn but that 
would've required a trip to Hobby Lobby and... 
If you look closely enough, you can see this reindeer is
Rudolph with his red nose.

 This picture will not turn either but whatever. This is a 
picture of a teacher gift. I made these bags or pouches
by using white cardstock on the back and scrapbooking
paper in the front. Just used tape to tape it in the back 
but I did miter the corners to make it nicer looking. I also
used decorative scissors to make edges pretty. I filled
the pouches with hot chocolate pouches and candy canes,
glued on a bow and voila, done. 

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