Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Father's Day project

I am finally finished! I wished I could have been done earlier but this week was very busy. These projects are super easy so you still have time to make them if you wish.

So this is where it all began. I bought some full size candy bars and envelopes to make the cute shirt packaging I had seen online. You'll also need scissors and tape.

Glue (or lick) the envelope shut. Then cut off a tiny sliver from one of the short ends to create a bag.

Cut a slit about 1" to 1.5" long in the front. This will be your collar. Before folding the sides, I attached the ties the kids had colored and then folded. It really isn't that big of a deal, I just noticed that this way worked better for me. I attached the tie with a piece of tape at the top.

Just a picture of my little helpers coloring ties. They had a great time coming up with jokes and all kinds of designs for these very fashionable accessories. Thank you M & I!

Next I slid the candy bar in the bag and taped a small piece of tape to the bag to secure it. I positioned the tape right below the slit. I'd like to mention that the flat candy bars work much better here but I wanted to be difficult and go with the non flat kind.

This is the finished product. I am not going to tape the collar down but you could if you wanted to. You could also glue little buttons on the collar and do all kind of accessorizing but I kept mine simple due to the budget restrictions. Since I had several different kinds of candy bars, I wrote on the back of each envelope what was in there so the kids will know when passing them out to the fathers.

This is the mess that I started with. Was it ever going to come together? I was a bit doubtful as other things started piling up on my plate but this is the finished product:

I was going to punch out the "Fathers" and buy some battery operated tee lights to go inside the cans but it proved too difficult with cans denting and not wanting to punch very easily. Then my printer ran out of ink so I couldn't reprint anything and I had to leave the letters black :o(
The flowers were colored by the kids and taped to a straw. Aren't they beautiful? And just as individual as the kids in the Primary. Anyway, the straws are then taped to the cans so that they'll behave and stand upright instead of flopping around.

2 more cans with more flowers. These babies aren't taped (obviously) so they flip and flop all over the place. I thought of pouring some beans in there to keep them in place but that's if I have time.

We are going to pass out the candy bars right after sacrament, or our first meeting. The can decorations are for a surprise brunch we are setting up for the fathers. The ladies are bringing in food like fruit, french toast casserole, bagels, cinnamon rolls etc., all kids of yummy stuff with orange juice and water to drink. I'll try to remember to take a picture of it all.

Happy Father's Day preparations!

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